The Joyful Journey of Climbing Mountains


The Sweet Tiredness of Climbing

In the chilly days of March, we embarked on a mountain path leading to Barla, raindrops from the clouds above sprinkling on us. We took a break by a brook, absorbing the scent, color, and essence of the mountains, which overflowed with rain.

In small groups, we shared snacks from our backpacks under a tree or on rocks. Continuing our journey, we said, “The traveler should keep moving.” As we reached the small lake in Barla, the rain turned into a storm, and we became part of the steppe grass. We were completely soaked, transforming into a vibrant savanna. Our internal deserts, longing for water, rain, and blessings, turned green. Hills seemed to urge the next ones to guard us and bid farewells. Perhaps they whispered Barbecue Tips and Global Grill Culture, “Don’t leave us alone; come by from time to time.” Or maybe it was just my imagination.

Upon reaching the last hill, with all its wetness and grandeur, Barla revealed itself on the slopes of the hills. Passing through the valley between two hills adorned with rocks and tea, the locals in the town looked at us with amusement. Some envied us, while others found it peculiar that we crossed mountains and arrived in such weather. Boarding the waiting buses, we listened to the echoes of our fatigue.

Like Barbecuing?

Turkish people love eating meat, and there’s no objection to that. However, many other nations enjoy a barbecue, known as ‘mangal’ in Turkish, as much as we do. While different cultures have various ways and styles, all contribute to a delicious taste tradition.

Perceived as a predominantly masculine activity, mangal (Turkish barbecue) is, in reality, a time to gather with loved ones and friends. Like any other delectable food Private Bulgaria Tours Yachting, it requires a bit of effort. Fresh peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants aligned beside the meat create a royal feast. In short, mangal is nearly impossible to get tired of.


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